For more than a decade, PTC only served the European  market  with  its  limited  line  of   Powerhouse branded tools.      In 1965, Robert’s son, William, took over the helm of PTC.  Under his leadership, PTC added new product lines in its portfolio, such as cutting and fastening tools.  It also ventured into the production  of  hinges  and  locksets  and  other  essential door hardware. As  sales in  Europe in the late 60’ continue to grow, William  was determined  to push  forward  in  gaining  new  and  bigger  markets  for Powerhouse.  Not long after,     Powerhouse products were shipped to South East Asia, which was largely an untapped market during that time.      Jonathan, William’s son, took over the leadership of PTC in 1980.  With  him  at the top, he strived hard to complete the tool and door hardware lines bearing the Powerhouse name.  He also gained new markets  for the brand.  He  even set the tone  for future Powerhouse offerings, that is, no product shall be  released  to  the  market  until  it  follows  the  Rule  on Affordability, Reliability and Durability.  


Fast forward to today, Powerhouse is now a true multi-line brand with Hand Tools, Door Hardware, Machineries and Power Tools in its portfolio.        Continuous improvements in design and quality of the products are being made by the PTC R&D Team -making sure that Powerhouse adapts to the ever changing needs of the brand’s consumers – but without straying away from the time-tested Rule on Affordability, Reliability and Durability.  




The Powerhouse Tools Company (PTC) was founded in 1946 in Virginia by Robert Hauser, the grandson of an Austrian Immigrant, who worked as a travelling Tools Salesmen for  Leonard Bailey and Company in the late 1800s.      Robert    saw    the    big    opportunity   in manufacturing hand tools during the time when the  Second  World  War  just  ended  and  the nations  in  Europe  devastated  by  war  were starting their arduous  rebuilding process.  American-made tools were sought after in Europe  as these  were  known  to  be  reliable, durable and with a high level of craftsmanship. Striking  and  measuring  tools  were  the  first products  manufactured  by  PTC  under  the “Powerhouse” brand.